H1 Refurbishment

If your H1 headlamps have reflectors in excellent condition you can save money and time by having them refurbished rather than restored. Refurbishment consists of all of the steps of restoration except for the replating of the reflectors, an expensive and time consuming process. The end result is headlamps with a concours level appearance that are indistinguishable on the outside from those that have been fully restored..The lamps will not be as bright as fully restored lights but if the reflectors are in good condition they should be satisfactory. Refurbishment is to the same high standard as restoration and includes the following:

 Refurbishment Process

  • Housings – media blasted, painted with high temperature paint
  • Lenses – new with correct Bosch lettering (inside of lens)
  • Lens Gaskets – new
  • Chrome Trim Rings – new
  • Adjustment Screws – new correct size, nylock nuts for easy removal
  • Fender Mounting Screws
  • Fender Mounting Gaskets – new
  • Adjustment Instruction Labels – exact reproductions
  • Bulbs – new, 55w/100w
  • Bench Tested

Turnaround time is much quicker than a full restoration, usually 2-3 weeks.


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