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AC FRESNEL PLATINUM LEDS:  JW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2

  • imageI usually prefer originality, but there are times when practicality is more important. Such as driving a Porsche at high speed at night. There is simply no comparison between the best halogen headlights and LED headlights. Once you have driven with LEDs they feel like they’re as important a safety feature as seat belts. Here’s what the owner of a ’72 911S had to say after driving with LEDs:
I can’t believe the difference between halogens and LEDs. On low beam the LEDs seem brighter than my old systems on bright. My old systems on low beam is about equal to driving with the new systems and wearing sunglasses. I’ve had them 3 months and I haven’t had one on-coming car flash their brights at me. Night time driving is now a whole new world to enjoy those few hours I have time to take the car out. It’s funny: As I pass road side signs, they reflect back so clearly I almost need to wear sunglasses.
So my experience says if you have an older car and interested in seeing MUCH better at night, these lights are the solution. Maybe 5 min installation. They are slightly heavier but only maybe a couple of pounds. And “it is not a race car” anyway. They were an investment…with big payoffs.

logoJW Speaker 8700 Evolution 2 LED Headlamps

I chromeselected JW Speakers as my LED offering for the following reasons:

      • Highest performance in my testing
      • Great beam pattern
      • Consistent rave reviews by owners
      • JW Speaker’s long reputation high quality
      • Their manufacture in Wisconsin with great support
      • Lifetime warranty
      • DOT and Transport Canada compliant
      • ECE certifiedblack

In-Depth Study of High Performance Headlights

If you would like to geek out on LED lighting like I do you will want to check out the following study. Jeep owners are enthusiastic LED users and the JKOwners Forum published an in-depth study of various high performance headlights, including TruckLites and JW Speakers:

Headlight Shootout! – By Gil “”usmcdoc” Fortin
Best “JW Speakers are by far the best headlight I have ever seen.”

JW Speakers outshone the Truck-lite and pretty much all of the competitors. Better output and better clarity but you get a smack in the face of price that makes people pause. The price to me is not the issue, you see a LED is going to last as long as 50+ Halogen bulbs. So even if you are spending $20 a light for replacement bulbs you are still above the price of an LED headlight. So this is one of those buy and forget about it purchases. Don’t get me wrong, the Truck-lite did very good and would be a nice entry into the LED market. The difference between the two is what you can achieve with solid optics vs. reflector design with a LED. The light from the J.W. Speaker just left it and everything else in in the dust. The J.W. 8700 Evolutions put out more light at distance and much, much more evenly.

JW Speakers are by far the best headlight I have ever seen. They are ridiculously well made and designed and are worth that kind of money. I understand the value over time of owning them, they last as long as 50+ halogen bulbs or 20 something HID’s, that is a LONG time. No moving parts or bulb to break and a very low amp draw are even more selling points. I learned a while ago that rarely sometimes you do get what you pay for. I was seriously skeptical of the value of these lights and I am glad I was proven wrong.

Beam Pattern

speaker beam patternThe low beam illuminates the road ahead – and the shoulders – to a width of 30 meters, almost 100 feet. Nice in areas where there are animals to watch out for out night. And the high beams project out 450 meters – that equals 1,476 feet or 492 yards. That’s well over a 1/4 mile, almost 5 football fields!

A Generation Ahead

Here are some pictures comparing JW Speaker first generation LEDs with the current generation. I think they’re a generation ahead of most LEDs.

low beam comparison

First generation low beam vs. current generation low beam. Note how the light starts almost immediately in front of the car and fans both ways quickly.

high beam comparison

First generation high beam vs. current generation high beam. Current generation is wider and brighter.












AC LED & JW Speaker LED Specs (Anoraks Only)

– 40W
– Headlight Type: 7″ round
– Black inner bezel
– Input Voltage: DC12V~24V
– Current Draw: 3A@12V, 1.5A 24V
– LED color: 5000
– LED Quantity: 4 (Pure White 6000K)
– Raw Luminous Flux: 2500LM@high beam, 1500LM@low beam
– H4 adapter harness & H13 adapter harness included
– Waterproof Rate: IP67
– Material: black die-cast aluminum housing, clear PC lens
– Two modes: high beam-all LEDs on, Low beam
– One model: can be adjusted for either LHD or RHD
– Made in China

AC SHOP Platinum LEDs – JW Speaker 8700
– 40W
– Headlight Type: 7″ round
– Black or chrome inner bezel
– Input Voltage: DC12V~24V
– Current Draw: 3A@12V, 1.6A 24V
– LED Quantity: 4 (Pure White 6000K)
– Raw Luminous Flux: 2610LM@high beam, 1770LM@low beam
– Effective Luminous Flux: 1250LM@high beam, 750LM@low beam
– Candella Output: 71,500@high beam, 35,003 at low beam
– H4 adapter harness
– Material: gray die-cast aluminum housing, clear PC lens
– Two modes: high beam-all LEDs on, Low beam
– Two models: one for LHD and one for RHD
– Made in U.S.


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