SWB Turn Signal Refurbishment & Restoration


42Refurbishing or restoring Porsche 911 SWB turn signals is not a simple or cheap process. Original housings are always used which presents challenges as the housings are made of pot metal, a substrate that is very difficult for platers to work with .

 “Hi John.  Received the lights, absolutely gorgeous.
You do such a professional job. Thank you so much.”
Jerry, Southern California


Approximately 5-10% of the original housings I require have what I judge to be excellent original German chrome. However there may be small imperfections from age and condition will not be at a concours level but would be suitable for most cars not shown at the highest levels. One benefit of Refurbishment vs. Level two Restoration is that since there is no chrome plating involved the original housings are usually in better cosmetic condition than those that undergo chrome plating. Here’s a summary of the refurbishment process:

  • No core exchange required
  • Housings – Original solid Porsche turn signal housings that still have excellent but used original factory chrome
  • Housing interior – after bead blasting the interior of the housing is painted with high reflectivity paint.
  • Lenses – Correct new lenses with proper coloration and “Bosch” lettering fitted with clear waterproof silicone sealant
  • Bulb holders – New or reconditioned original bulb holders are used.
  • New bulbs
  • Correct new mounting screws
Offered in sets only, no cores required:
  • Front set: $790.00
  • Rear set: $890.00


Restoration starts with solid used original Porsche turn signal housings. The primary difference between Refurbishment and Restoration is that with a full restoration the trim edges are rechromed to a show standard.

  • Housings – Original solid Porsche turn signal housings are used.
  • Housing exterior – The exposed trim is triple chrome plated.* The back side of the body is rust and corrosion free but can become somewhat defaced during the chroming process as the pot metal will often bubble a bit. Of course it is not visible when installed and has no functional impact.
  • Housing interior – Painted with a very high reflectivity rating is applied to the interior of the housings. **
  • Lenses – Correct new premium Italian made lenses
  • Bulb holders – New or reconditioned original bulb holders are used.
  • New bulbs
  • Correct new mounting screws
** I have experimented with using vapor deposited aluminum on the interior of the housings but it isn’t feasible. For maximum reflectivity the surface needs to be properly prepared before the application of aluminum – cooper plating, polishing, nickel plating and polishing. This is very difficult on the interiors of the housings. I tested over 10 metallic and reflective paints and Rust-Oleum 7718 (found in Auto Restorer Magazine 2014) was by far the best, almost mirror like. Very satisfactory for turn signals.

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