1973 911S Coupe

VIN: 9113300113
Engine Number: 6330182 (Original Engine, Built to 2.7 RS Specs)
Silver Metallic (Originally Tangerine)
Interior: Black with Vinyl/Corduroy Sport Seats (Original)

General Information
With 7″ rear fender flares, 7″ wheels, 80% limited slip differential and radiator style oil cooler as original equipment from the Porsche factory, and a 2.7 RS engine rebuild from Andial, #113 performs very close to the standard of a RS.

It has fortunately been well cared for in dry climates for its entire existence and is rust and accident free. It was originally purchased in 1974 from a dealership in Los Angeles, Califormia by a buyer who lived in San Clemente, California until 1998. At that time it was sold to a vintage car racer in Topanga, California who owned it for two years and then sold to an enthusiast in Santa Monica, California.

The history of the car is complete and well documented. The following information was provided to me by Nick Roveda, the third owner:

I have all the receipts for the 2.7 upgrade performed by Andial and all of the receipts since I’ve owned the car. The car has always been in Southern California. I am the third owner, having bought the car in June 2000. The second owner bought it in August 1998 from the original owner and was responsible for the repaint, new carpet and other mechanical upgrades such as the MSD ignition, stainless steel headers, Bilstein shocks at the rear and short shift.

The 2.7 upgrade was performed in 1991 at 51K miles by  Andial Racing and cost over $13,000. The engine is remarkable, pulls strong and needs nothing.  Needless to say the car handles like a dream in the way these S cars are famous for.
The car is somewhat unique in that it has 7″ flares at the rear – smaller than RS flares – and also comes without the PORSCHE insignia on the engine lid, both of which are stated on the Kardex. That, along with the RS spec engine, 80% factory limited slip and radiator oil cooler make it as close to a 73 RS as you are likely to find without the hefty price tag. It’s also a relatively low mileage car with only 67,780 original miles.

Since I have had the car I have restored the original 7×15 wheels, put in correct German silver-knit carpets, RS steering wheel (slightly smaller than stock wheel) and other minor cosmetic details with parts that are hard to find etc… I also replaced the front floor pan in the trunk area after discovering some corrosion under the right side battery. I refinished the gas tank with the original grey Wurth coating.

To my knowledge, it has never been in an accident although a Lexus SUV backed into me two years ago which fortunately resulted in only a broken right headlight and small dent between it and the right horn grill. This and the floorpan work was performed by Brace’s Body shop which has a reputation here for very high quality work to vintage and late model Porsches.

The only idiosyncrasies are the oil gauge which sometimes reads and sometimes doesn’t – probably the oil sending unit, and the clock which is slow approximately 5 minutes per weeks. There are two very small blemishes on the car which were there when I purchased it and which I have learned to live with; a small chip on the left side fender between the headlight and the gas cap and a small bubbling at the bottom of the driver’s door, probably caused by some moisture between the two “skins” of the door soon after the respray.

The Kardex is attached. You will read “2.5 Rear Fender Extensions” which I believe means 2.5 cms, which is approximately 1 inch, hence 7″ flares to accommodate the 7×15 wheels. “Oil Cooler Racing” refers to the radiator style oil cooler in the front right fender well.Certificate of Authenticity

The CoA (Kardex) dated November 19, 1992 and signed by Howard G. Adams lists the following factory options at the time of delivery:

  • USA Equipment
  • Limited Slip Differential 80%
  • Stabilizer Bars and Koni Shock Absorbers
  • 2.5 Rear Fender Extensions
  • Racing Oil Cooler
  • Sport Seats Left and Right
  • Chrome Strips Along Fender Cutout
  • Antenna, Left
  • Loudspeaker
  • Supression Kit
  • No Porsche Insignia on Deck Lid

At about 1″, the factory rear fender flares are smaller than RS flares. There are at least two opinions as to what the statement “2.5 rear fender extensions” on the Kardex meant: (1) 2.5cm flares or (2) 2.5 liter prototype. I tend to favor theory #1 as a previous owner provided me with the following information:

According to the original owner (George McRoberts of San Clemente, California), #113 was one of two cars with 7″ flares ordered by Hahn in Germany. Rusnak of Pasendena, California (note: Rusnak is still operating and has two locations in the Los Angeles area) imported them into the U.S. (why they weren’t sold in Germany by Hahn is not known) and was hoping to sell the cars to buyers who wanted to race them. One was sold to a Japanese man who did track the car and #113 remained at the Rusnak dealership still with German license plates and a five point harness until Mr. McRoberts bought it in 1974.

The flares enable 7″ wheels to be used and four of the five original 7″ wheels (date-stamped 6/72) are still with the car.

Sister Car ??

As stated above, the original owner of #113 recalled that a second car with flares had been produced and sold to someone in Japan. It appears that he was at least partly correct. A second car with factory flares has been identified. However, it was delivered in Europe and has always been there. The previous owner provided me with the following picture:

The VIN of this car is 9113300114 which makes it the next one produced after #113. Unfortunately, one of the owners of #114, believing that the flares were not original, removed them and replaced them with the typical non-flared fenders. No other ’72-’73 911’s have been identified with original factory flares.

I’m staying true to the nature of this car during my time as custodian. With only 70,000 original miles and rare factory options, it’s obviously not a hot-rod candidate. But it was originally built to be a performance car and my goal is to follow that original objective. Other than the color change to silver (which happened prior to my ownership and which I may reverse back to the original Tangerine someday), and the rebuild to 2.7 specs, all performance modifications are bolt-on and original parts have been saved


  • Original engine upgraded to full 2.7L RS spec by Andial Racing at 53,000 miles
  • WEVO motor mounts
  • Rebuilt MFI pump
  • Hydraulic chain tensioners
  • Stainless steel heat exchangers
  • Stainless steel sports muffler
  • MSD ignition
  • Original factory radiator style oil cooler


  • Original 915 transmission rebuilt by Andial Racing
    WEVO Classic Gated Shifter (looks stock with the boot on)
  • Original factory 80% limited slip differential


GMT Motorsports Street+Performance Suspension Upgrade Package:


  • Bilstein struts (in place of Koni’s)
  • Ball joints replaced
  • Turbo tie rod ends
  • Elephant Racing Polybonze bearings
  • 22mm Tubular torsion bars
  • Weltmeister 19mm adjustable sway bar
  • Weltmeister strut brace


  • Elephant Racing Polybronze bushings
  • 28mm Tubular torsion bars
  • Weltmeister 22mm adjustable sway bar
  • Adjustable spring plates
  • Aluminum trailing arms
  • Bilstein shocks


  • Zimmerman drilled rotors
  • Stainless steel brake lines
  • Stock S calipers

Wheels & Tires

  • Original factory 7″ wheels front and rear
  • B.F. Goodrich G-Force Sport 205/55 front and rear


  • Original Vinyl with Corduroy Inserts Sport Seats
  • Through-the-Grille Driving Lights
  • Harness Bar & 4-point harnesses (bolt-in)
  • NOS Dash
  • NOS Door Pockets
  • RS Steering Wheel (380mm 914 wheel double leather wrapped)
  • Fire Extinquisher


This is the only known early 911S with factory flares and 7″ wheels.

It also has the sought after factory options of a racing oil cooler and a 80% limited slip differential. These, combined with low original mileage, a rebuild of the original engine to 2.7 RS specs by Andial Racing, and the GMT Motorsports Street+Performance Suspension Package, have produced a car that delivers high performance while maintaining tractability.

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